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Arkemheen-Eemland National Park

The old fishing village of Spakenburg is situated in the middle of the Arkemheen-Eemland National Park. The smooth and open landscape of Arkemheen-Eemland is characterized by rectangular plot patterns, created by the cultivation of the ground that took place between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries. When you make a trip through the countryside, you will clearly see the peat bog pasture character of Arkemheen-Eemland, a place where many rare plants and birds are residing.

  • Discover the peat meadow character of this national park.
  • Here, you will find rare plants and extraordinary birds
  • Enjoy a snack at the nearby Spakenburg.

Godwits and peewits

You can endlessly bike or walk through the smooth landscape and gaze over a vast Dutch landscape with grazing cows and soaring black-tailed godwits and peewits. Examples of the rare vegetation of wet peat bog are arrowhead, purple loosestrife and orpine.

One of the things that stand out most in the landscape of Arkemheen-Eemland is the pumping station Arkemheen (Hertog Reijnout (Duke Reijnout)). Furthermore, the straight ditches of the hamlet of Holk are a sixteenth-century remainder of what was once meant to become a canal. When you've finished your journey through the area, don't forget to order a well-deserved snack in the harbor of Spakenburg. Here you can recover from your journey and enjoy the history of this old fishing village.

The Eemline

Explore the landscape of Arkemheen-Eemland by foot, by bike or by boat! It is a great experience to take the Eemline, a ferry that takes you right through the Arkemheen-Eemland landschape. The Eem river is 18 kilometers long and runs right through the vast landscape. There is no road on the sides of the Eem river, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted view, one that is unattainable even for cyclists and walkers. You can board the ferry at Amersfoort, Soest, Baarn, Eemdijk and Spakenburg.

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