Nationaal Landschap Winterswijk
© Annet Piek via Achterhoeks Bureau voor Toerisme

Winterswijk National Landscape

At the most eastern tip of the Achterhoek you can find Winterswijk National Landscape. This quiet wooded area that lies very near the German border has a long and rich history. In the Middle Ages, the town of Bredevoort was very important. Today, Winterswijk is the largest town in the area that also bears its name. The historical center of Bredevoort enjoys a protected status.

  • Discover the Winterswijk natural reserve and eponymous town.
  • Visit the beautiful farms and mills nearby.
  • Go on a cycling or hiking tour of this beautiful natural area.

A landscape with "essen"

The landscape of Winterswijk is marked by "essen" or open fields. These particular open fields are naturally relatively high grounds and have been used for agriculture for many centuries. Besides farmland, there are also pastures, peat bog landscapes and forests. In the area, there are about 300 farms and a few monasteries and chapels.

Many streams meander through narrow valleys, running past farms, hamlets and the farmland of Winterswijk National Landscape. Many watermills along the streams, that formerly played an important role for agriculture, now deliver an opportunity for beautiful photographs.

The time stands still in Winterswijk

It seems that Winterswijk has escaped from the hustle and bustle of the day. Here, it is almost as if time stands still. In other words, it is the perfect place to relax. During your biking and hiking tours through the historic landscape of Winterswijk, you run a good chance of unwittingly crossing the German border.

In recent years, Bredevoort has profiled itself as the book town of the Netherlands. The city has many antiquarian bookshops as well as regular bookstores that regularly open their doors to the public on Sundays. Bredevoort also organizes monthly book fairs, exhibitions and literary events.

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