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In the north of Holland, near the German border, lies the fortress Bourtange. This perfectly restored small fortress town east of the city of Groningen dates back to 1580. Bourtange is built up in a star shape which was typical for these fortress towns.

  • Visit Bourtange, the fortified town, and discover the Medieval atmosphere.
  • Visit and experience a battle re-enactment from the Eighty Years’ War against Spain.
  • Spend the night at Hotel Bourtange in the centuries-old, beautifully renovated barracks.

Things to Do in Bourtange

Go back in time and see the medieval architecture, canals and dykes. The town has four museums, several restaurants, historical shops and a hotel in the former soldier barracks. Be sure not to miss out the re-enactments of battles that took place in the Eighty Years War against Spain.

Discover the Fortress

Bourtange is a perfectly restored small fortress town east of the city of Groningen. Nature, culture and history come together here. Would you like to spend the night after an adventurous day in the fortified town? You will be welcome at the beautifully situated and renovated Hotel Bourtange.

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