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Hortus Haren

Hortus Haren was established in the 17th century and is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Holland. There are over twenty acres packed with fifteen colorful gardens. Visit Hortus Haren and discover its many interesting attractions. 

  • Discover the ancient, colourful gardens at Hortus Haren.
  • See the Chinese Feng Shui Mandarin garden from the Ming dynasty.
  • Hortus Haren is one of the oldest and most impressive botanic gardens in Holland.
Kerklaan 34
9751NN Haren
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Gardens of Hortus Haren

Coffee bushes, cinnamon trees, vanilla orchids and bananas flourish in this tropical rainforest environment. Stroll through the wild plant garden or relax in the Chinese garden, a replica of a Chinese Mandarin's Feng Shui garden from the Ming Dynasty. The Hortus Haren also has herb, fruit, English, Celtic, rock and themed gardens, heath, greenhouses and an apiary.

Visit the Hortus

Everyone with an interest in gardens, flowers and plants, should visit the Hortus Haren in Groningen. It is without a doubt one of the most impressive botanical gardens in the Netherlands.

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