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The Groningen coastline

The coast of Groningen, which is a part of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, offers a level of peace and space that are difficult to find anywhere else in Holland. Here, you'll find great beaches with views that stretch past the sand banks and the uninhabited island of Rottum. You can walk and cycle through sea clay fields with endless emptiness and beautiful villages.

  • Explore the unique flora and fauna; you may even spot a seal.
  • Visit the Dollard estuary and spot the rarest birds.
  • Enjoy the wonderful beaches.

Nursery of the North Sea

This part of the Groningen coast is one of the rare parts of Holland where nature is allowed to go entirely its own way. Partly for this reason the Wadden Sea is known as the nursery of the North Sea, with many seals, coastal birds, special fish and plenty of crustaceans and shellfish.

Unique bird species

There is also the brackish water area called the Dollard, where unique (salt tolerant) plants flourish and rare bird species like the avocet and redshank breed. In short Groningen’s coastline is not just a wonderful place for sun lovers but also a unique landscape for those who love nature and want to explore new grounds.

Discover the extraordinary villages in the open coastal landscape along the Wadden Sea.

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