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Land van Leeghwater Cycling Route (60 km)

This cycling route will take you right through the gorgeous polders and historic villages that grace North Holland. Cycle past characteristic windmills, dikes, ditches and forts below sea level. There is more than enough to see and do!

  • Cycle past the Delta Works of the Dutch Golden Century
  • Make a stop at the still-functional museum windmill in Schermerhorn
  • Admire the wealth of the 17th century in the villages with their beautiful buildings

Land of Leeghwater

This is the Land of Leeghwater, located in UNESCO World Heritage land and named after the man who is inextricably linked with the ingenious reclamation of this area. Jan Adriaanszoon, with the nickname of Leeghwater, was a windmill builder and water engineer. Under his leadership, large expanses of water were pumped dry here. The route begins in the town where he lived, De Rijp, a historic settlement that truly deserves a visit.

Land of contrasts

As the route goes on, it partially skirts the former Schermer island. Dikes were built on this island as early as the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and today is a protected nature reserve. It contrasts sharply with the sharp lines of the Schermer and Beemster polders.

Schermerhorn museum windmill

On the way, you will of course encounter various hydraulic windmills, and at Schemerhorn you can visit one. This centuries-old windmill is now a museum and was once part of the ingenious system of 52 windmills that pumped dry the large Schermeer lake. Other sights you will pass are the forts of the Defense Line of Amsterdam.

Tasty stops

In many of the villages along the way, you will find excellent restaurants in beautiful buildings. Make a stop to enjoy a snack, lunch or dinner in an atmospheric environment.

Practical information

  • Cycling route Land van Leeghwater 60 kilometers
  • Nodes: 58, 80, 76, 77, 78, 79, 52, 2, 1, 27, 28, 29, 7, 6, 5, 46, 43, 60, 61, 62, 58
  • Starting and ending point: De Rijp Parking Lot, Groenedijk 6-718, 1487 ME, Oost-Graftdijk

The addresses you will pass along the way

  • Schermerhorn Museum Windmill, Noordervaart 2, 1636 VL Schermerhorn, T +31 (0)72 502 1519
  • Fort Resort Beemster, Nekkerweg 24, 1461 LC Zuidoostbeemster, T +31 (0)299 682 200
  • Fort at Spijkerboor, Westdijk 46, 1464 PC Westbeemster

Cycling node network

Find out how simply Holland’s cycling note network works here.

Editors’ tip

Try experiencing the Beemster and Schermer from the waters as well. Cruise silently through the green polder landscape on an electric boat or a tour boat, past splendid windmills and villages. Don’t forget to duck for the wooden bridges!

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