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On the very tip of North Holland off IJsselmeer lake, you will find the oldest city in West-Friesland. Once an important harbor city, Medemblik is most popular among water sports lovers these days.

  • Stroll through the center with lots of historical architecture.
  • Enjoy the water sports facilities on IJsselmeer lake.
  • Take a guided tour of the Dutch Steam Museum (Nederlands Stoom Museum).
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1671BH Medemblik
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Medieval city

Medemblik was an important trading town off the Zuider Zee, today’s IJsselmeer. Count Floris V built a huge fortified castle in order to keep the people under control. Today it is known as Radboud Castle and visitors can tour the building.

Water sports site

When the Afsluitdijk was built, Medemblik lost its primary function as a trading town. It still boasts the city harbor, however, where you can dock your pleasure yacht amid the historical buildings. There is also a Regatta Center that organizes international sailing competitions.


Medemblik has many attractions. One example is the Dutch Steam Museum or Nederlands Stoom Museum, which is located in the old 19th century steam pumping station. The Bakery Museum (Bakkerijmuseum) demonstrates how bread and pastries are baked the old fashioned way.

Editors’ tip: The area around Medemblik is perfect for a variety of day trips. Cycle from Enkhuizen to Medemblik and admire the dykes, mills and pumping stations. The Westfriese Omringdijk makes for a lovely walk through the beautiful landscape.

Or take the Museum Steam Tram and travel through the historic triangle of Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik. In Enkhuizen, board a ship to Medemblik ad then continue your trip by historical steam tram.

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