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Schermerhorn Museum Mill

The Schermerhorn Museum Mill is one of eleven remaining mills in the former milling system in the Schermerpolder. It represents the basis of world-renowned Dutch water management!

  • An ingenious mill system; discover what wind power can achieve
  • The Schermerhorn mill is nearly four centuries old
  • Meet the miller and discover all about how the mill works.
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1636VL Schermerhorn
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One of the last great land reclaim systems

The museum mill is located in the Schermer, the last great impolderment area in North Holland. Excavation works and a storm surge had caused the river to grow into a big inland sea, the Schermeer, over time. To make it safe and reclaim the land, the Schermeer was drained using a total of 52 mills.

Innovative milling system

The mills’ layout was a real innovation at the time, allowing the water to be moved to what was then the Zuider Zee and the North Sea. It is a system that still works today.

Holland has more ingenious mill systems that are well worth a visit. You can find more information here.

Museum Mill

The placement of the Schermerhorn Museum Mill in a row of three is eye-catching -- together the mills make for a beautiful, quintessentially Dutch image. The museum is located in the second mill, which can be accessed via the adjacent visitors’ center. You can explore the mill from top to bottom and discover exactly how a water mill and reclaiming polders work. You will also discover what living and working in a polder mill means; the miller can tell you all about it during a personal guided tour. 

Wooden shoes

After visiting the mill, enjoy the beautiful view of the polder landscape on the terrace. The visitors’ center also has a pleasant cafe where you can have a drink and a bite. It also sells authentic clogs used by farmers near the mill: a unique souvenir from Holland!

Practical information

The visitors’ center offers information about the Schermerhorn Museum Mill and its environs in several languages. The museum mill can be found about 30 km to the north of Amsterdam, along the N243 provincial road. Parking is free of charge and a charging point is available for e-bikes. The mill is open daily from the end of March until the end of October. Please check the opening hours before you plan your visit!

Editors’ tip:

Combine your trip to the Schermerhorn Museum Mill with a cycling or boat tour of the unique polders of the UNESCO World Heritage site Beemster and the Schermer. You will have a wonderful day!

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