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Singer Laren

Museum Singer Laren is a unique private heritage site comprising a museum, theater, and sculpture garden. The museum is located in a beautiful villa in the green village of Laren. Early in the last century, the American couple Anna en William Singer built ‘Villa De Wilde Zwanen’. Since then, it has grown into what it is now.

  • See the art collection brought together by William en Anna Singer.
  • Museum, theater and sculpture garden in one.
  • A place to gather and celebrate the arts.

In 1901, William and Anna Singer came from America to Paris, where William studied at the Académie Julian. He loved painting in nature, and they relocated to the artist village of Laren in 1902. They built Villa de Wilde Zwanen (’the Wild Swans’), where they welcomed their many artist friends. Together, they assembled an impressive art collection by artists from their large network.

After William passed away, his widow had the villa expanded with a museum and theater. As a result, Singer Laren came into being in 1956.

Sculpture garden

After the new theater building opened in 2017, a need emerged for a new sculpture garden. Piet Oudolf, one of the most famous Dutch garden architects, drew the design. The sculpture garden boasts a selection of grasses and perennials that create the perfect background for the sculptures.

The sculpture garden is accessible free of charge and suitable for the disabled.

Accessibility of Singer Laren

Singer Laren is located in the green village of Laren on the border of the provinces of North Holland and Utrecht. It is just a 30 minute drive from Amsterdam and near Hilversum and Soestdijk Palace.

Singer Laren has several facilities for the disabled and families with children. An audio tour is created for every exhibition. These are available free of charge.

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