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6x Michelin restaurants in North-Brabant

North-Brabant has a special culinary tradition, which is demonstrated quite clearly by its many Michelin-starred restaurants. Their chefs use exquisite regional produce like asparagus, anchovy and caviar to prepare wonderful dishes that guarantee a spectacular culinary evening.

  • Discover the special culinary tradition of North-Brabant.
  • De Treeswijkhoeve and Tribeca even received two Michelin stars.
  • Discover 6 Michelin-starred restaurants in North-Brabant here.

Michelin-starred kitchens in North-Brabant

The Michelin stars awarded each year represent the ultimate accolade a restaurant can get, confirming their excellence in gastronomy and hospitality. North-Brabant has a great list of Michelin-starred restaurants and is proud to have two restaurants that received two stars.

Discover 6 Michelin-starred restaurants in North-Brabant:

1. Mijn Keuken ★☆☆

Chef Pieter Bosters creates original, flavourful dishes in modern style in a chic building that used to be a town hall. Has been awarded a well-earned Michelin star since 2009.

Address: Markt 1, Wouw

2. Wolfslaar ★☆☆

The coach house of the beautiful Wolfslaar estate houses this exclusive Michelin-star restaurant that guarantees a special culinary night out. The lovely surroundings alone are well worth the trip!

Address: Landgoed Wolfslaar, Breda 

3. Zarzo ★☆☆

Chef Adrian Zarzo grew up in a Spanish village. In Holland, he worked for Michelin Star restaurants like Parkheuvel and De Librije. At the latter, he also became a Sommelier. Zarzo took all these experiences and opened his own restaurant in 2013. It proved successful since restaurant Zarzo was awarded its first Michelin Star in 2016.

Address: Bleekweg 7, Eindhoven

4. Sense ★☆☆

Chef Middeldorp likes to serve elegant and sophisticated little design dishes. You will recognise the hand of a modern chef who makes contemporary cuisine entirely his own with Asian influences and an interplay of textures.

Address: Verwersstraat 58, Den Bosch

5. De Treeswijkhoeve ★★☆

The most gorgeous dishes inspired by the seasons and travel. A succession of flavours from Barcelona, Tokyo and Thailand graces your plate as superior products are used to prepare creative dishes, making for a top gastronomic experience!

Address: Valkenswaardseweg 14, Waalre

6. Tribeca ★★☆

In this beautifully renovated villa from 1916 in the centre of Heeze, chef Jan Sobecki prepares the most sophisticated recipes that perfectly blend tradition and innovation. With a lovely outdoor terrace, so you can enjoy dinner outside when the weather is good!

Address: Jan Deckersstraat 7, Heeze

Overview of the complete list of Michelin restaurants in the Netherlands.

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