Van Gogh church, Nuenen
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Van Gogh cycling route: Nuenen (51 km)

Berg 29
5671CA Nuenen
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Starting at the Museum Vincentre, you will follow a wonderful route and see many sites and objects around Nuenen, the place where Van Gogh created one quarter of his oeuvre. (51 km)

  • Visit Museum Vincentre and dive into Van Gogh’s life in Nuenen.
  • Cycle through the beautiful Brabant landscape and discover the sites and objects that Van Gogh painted.
  • At the information pillars, listen to stories about Van Gogh’s relationship to these places.
  • See the Van Gogh - Roosegaarde cycling path inspired by Vincent’s ‘Starry night’.

Nuenen is a town in Brabant that played a big part in Van Gogh’s life as an artist. In 1883, when he was 30 years old, he came to live and work there for two years and laid the basis for his more than legendary oeuvre. A cycling tour through this beautiful area gives you the opportunity to see the many sites he portrayed in his works and the places that played such an important part in his life. The route also includes the extraordinary Van Gogh - Roosegaarde cycling path.

Pure simplicity

The environment of and atmosphere in Nuenen exerted a determining influence on his works. He loved the simplicity of the people, the life of the farmers and the beautiful natural landscapes. And while his two years in Nuenen were not an easy period in his life, among other things because his father passed away during that time, he created one quarter of his oeuvre there and also painted his first masterpiece: The Potato Eaters.

The route

This cycling tour starts at the ‘Vincentre’, where you can see interactive presentations of people who knew Van Gogh as well as blow-ups of his works. You will then cycle some 51 kilometres through the beautiful landscape of Brabant, visiting many places important to the life and work of Van Gogh. Seventeen information pillars along the way tell the story of Van Gogh’s relationship to specific sites.

Picturesque views

In addition to beautiful sites in Nuenen, such as the Opwetten Watermill, the rectory, and the home of the Potato Eaters – all subjects in his works – you’ll also ride through the city of Eindhoven. This is where Van Gogh bought his paint, taught amateurs, and painted the railway station across the street from his friend Anton Kerssemakers’s home. It’s a wonderful trip that give you a good impression of the work and life of Van Gogh in his Nuenen years.

Addresses you will encounter:

  • Opwetten Watermill, Opwettenseweg 203, Nuenen
  • Former rectory, Berg 26, Nuenen
  • Home of The Potato Eaters, Gerwenseweg 4, Nuenen
  • Reformed Church, Papenvoort 2, Nuenen
  • St. Clemens Church, Heuvel 23, Gerwen
  • Lieshoutse Molen Vogelenzang, Lieshout

Practical information

  • Number of kilometres: 51
  • Start and end point: Vincentre, Van Gogh Village Nuenen. Berg 29, Nuenen
  • You will follow these junctions: 81, 99, 95, 97, 96, 02, 91, 03, 04, 48, 12, 11, 10, 09, 72, 63, 61, 62, 70, 74, 81

Download the complete route plan here

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