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Vincents Tekenlokaal in Tilburg

As a 13 year old, Vincent van Gogh attended his first drawing lessons in Tilburg. This is where Vincents Tekenlokaal (Vincent's Drawing Room) has been located since 2009. Here, you will find twenty digital drawing boards on which visitors can use digital pens, chalk or pencil, oil paints, brush, spatula or graffiti spray.

  • Visit Vincents Tekenlokaal and discover where he had his first drawing lessons.
  • Read more about his teacher Constant Huijsmans.
  • Make your own drawings in the super modern digital drawing classroom.
Burgemeester Brokxlaan 20
5041SB Tilburg
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In 1866 Vincent van Gogh comes to Tilburg to attend secondary school at the Rijks-HBS. This is where he had his first drawing lessons from Constant Huijsmans, a well-known draughtsman at the time, and discovered his passion for drawing and painting. It is said that Constant Huijsmans’ lessons had a huge, permanent impact on Vincent Van Gogh’s style.

Digital drawing class

Present and past meet in Vincents Tekenlokaal, ‘the greatest drawing classroom in Holland’. Not only can you experience how Vincent was taught at the time, but you can also make your own digital drawings in a super modern digital drawing classroom. Artists and illustrators are regularly present to help visitors, so it’s a lot of fun for both parents and children!

Vincents Tekenlokaal is located in the Spoorzone in Tilburg, at Ontdekstation013. The place where drawing and technology meet.

Opening hours Wednesday from 13:00 to 17:00, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00. Other days on appointment.

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From Vincent’s Drawing Room, an inspiring cycling route leads through the area in which Vincent went to school.

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