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Boat tour through Giethoorn and Weerribben-Wieden

Beautiful boat routes have been created in Giethoorn and Weerribben-Wieden National Park. They will guide you through the famous water village of peat diggers and the unique fenland with its straight canals and ditches, marsh forests, quaking bog and reedlands.

  • Take a boat tour through the biggest fenland area in northwest Europe
  • Discover the canals of ‘Venice in Holland’
  • Visit one of the last punt shipyards in Giethoorn
Beulakerweg 135
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Romantic water village

In Giethoorn in the province of Overijssel, you can rent an electric (’whisper’) boat, punt, sloop or canoe in many places. There are also tour boats that will take you to romantic canals, beneath wooden bridges and past beautiful thatched farms. When you leave Giethoorn behind, you will sail right into the natural landscapes of Weerribben-Wieden. You will enjoy a wonderful tour, at the end of which you will of course stop at one of the pleasant terraces by the water.

Varied nature

If you want to discover the peace, space and nature of the Weerribben-Wieden above all, rent a boat at Buitencentrum Weerribben in Ossenzijl or board the electric boat at Visitors’ Center De Wieden in Sint Jansklooster. You will see many water birds and perhaps even spot the rare otter, a small copper butterfly or dragonfly hidden between the vegetation. You may also pass by tiny peat digger’s huts and ‘tjasker’ mills. These reveal the origin of this area in peat extraction.

A different view every season

The reedlands of the Weerribben-Wieden make for an extraordinary landscape every season. Beautiful views in spring and a green and golden maze in summer and fall. It is easy to relax here.

Boarding in

  • Giethoorn: Water village Giethoorn boasts several rental companies
  • Buitencentrum Weerribben, Hoogeweg 27, 8376 EM Ossenzijl, T +31 (0)561 477 272
  • Visitors’ center De Wieden, Beulakerpad 1, 8326 AH Sint Jansklooster, T +31 (0)527 246 644


In this area, boating routes are marked with signs on the canal sides. The rental companies give you a map.

Editors’ tip:

In Giethoorn, have a look at punt shipyard Wildeboer (Beulakerweg 48), one of the last shipyards to build the traditional punt. These boats are propelled with the aid of tall wooden sticks called the ‘punterboom’ and were the main means of transport for centuries. They made Giethoorn famous as the ‘Venice of Holland’.

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