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Kampen, in the province of Overijssel, is a Hanseatic town with a centuries-long tradition of commerce and shipping. Its former prosperity can still be seen in the beautiful monuments in the old centre.

  • Kampen’s small centre has over 500 monuments.
  • Discover Kampen’s rich history and see its old town gates.
  • Take the ‘Kamperlijntje’ train to or from Zwolle.
Oudestraat 216
8261CA Kampen
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What to do in Kampen

Kampen has an ancient tradition of commerce and shipping, and you can tell. This Hanseatic town has over 500 monuments, including the Church of St Nicholas, the Gothic house, the town gates and a replica of the Medieval merchant ship De Kamper Hanze Kogge. With all these impressive monuments to behold, the best way to explore the historic town centre is on a walking tour. From Korenmarktpoort gate, head to the old Vispoort gate on IJsselkade quay, close to the old town hall, where the fish market has been held since the 14th century.

If you want to know more about the history of Kampen, visit the Stedelijk Museum. Kampen has always been an entrepreneurial settlement, with – among others – tobacco factories large and small, the only survivor of which is De Olifant. Today, it is a museum, where you can witness cigars being rolled by hand, and also home to the longest cigar in the world!

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Good food in Kampen?

Good food and good drink is not hard to find in Kampen. For the very best steaks, go to Herberg de Bonte Os (Torenstraat 9). We also recommend Madame Som Tam (IJsselkade 45), a Thai restaurant on the exact location where the fish auction was held until 1937.

Editors’ tip: Take the ‘Kamperlijntje’ train to Zwolle. It’s the shortest independent railway for passenger transport in Holland, and runs through Mastenbroekerpolder, one of Holland’s oldest landscapes.
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