Walking Route Giethoorn (15.3 km)

On this hike, you will see why Giethoorn is also referred to as ‘the Venice of Holland’. You will walk along many canals with charming punts, past splendid thatched farmhouses and across characteristic wooden bridges.

  • Giethoorn is unique, with gorgeous farmhouses built on small islands
  • Many of the farms can only be reached by way of the bridges – more than 170 of them! – or the water
  • Enjoy the vast view at the largest lake of the Kop van Overijssel, the Beulakerwijde

The route will take your further through the polder landscape to the water village of Dwarsgracht and from there back to Giethoorn via the lake ‘de Beulakerwijde’.

Highlights along the way

Along the way, take a look at museum ’t Olde Maat Uus, and original Giethoorn farmhouse entirely dedicated to peat cutting and reed cultivation. The traces of peat farming can still be seen in the picturesque village of Dwarsgracht, in the heart of National Park Weerribben-Wieden, in the form of the ribs in the landscape, as well the large lake ‘de  Beulakerwijde’, which is the result of intensive peat cutting and storm surges. Today, the Vogelkijkhut (Birdwatching Hut) there offers a gorgeous view encompassing reed beds, brushwood and open water.

Gastronomic enjoyment by the waters

Once back in Giethoorn, you will naturally want to end the day at one of the pleasant restaurants or terraces by the water. Giethoorn is known for its refined cuisine, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of that.

Walking network

The route can be followed using the posts of the walking network. Follow the colored arrows corresponding to your route. At choice posts, which have orange caps and numbers, you can switch between routes, following another color. The circular routes are marked in both directions.

Practical information

  • Number of kilometers: 15.3
  • Starting point: Eendrachtsplein, Giethoorn
  • Follow the green route from the starting point.

Tip:the route can be extended by 2.1 km for a route of 17.4 km. To do so, follow the red route

Download the walking route here

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