Walking Route Kiersche Wijde (9 km)

Walk past ‘trekgaten’ (ponds in peat holes), marsh forests, and open water and stop every once in a while to enjoy the sounds of the birds around you. This former peat extraction land has made way for extraordinarily beautiful nature; you will be walking through Weerribben-Wieden National Park

  • Book an excursion to visit an old Dutch duck pen with Natuurmonumenten.
  • The early part of the route offers ample opportunities to shoot some great pictures of the environment.
  • Weerribben-Wieden is the biggest fenland area in northwest Europe.

Wide variation of birds

When you walk the Kiersche Wijdepad in the Wieden, you will discover that this natural area harbors many bird species today. Step into the bird-watching hut and try to spot the reed warbler, bluethroat or bittern. If you are lucky, you will see a reed bunting or water rail.

The route guides you over unsurfaced roads, through grass and haylands and quaking bog. On the way you may see special butterflies and dragonflies, as well as deer, of which there are 500 in this area! Or you may spot the rare otter.

Kiersche Wijdekooi

The area also harbors an old Dutch duck pen, the Kiersche Wijdekooi. It is no longer in use but the authorities still maintain it due to its cultural and historical value. It is worth seeing up close.

Practical information

  • Number of kilometers: 9
  • Starting point: Lozedijk, Wanneperveen
  • Turn right immediately after starting and follow the yellow route indicated on the hiking network posts.


Download the complete walking route here.

Editors’ tip:

Wear good walking shoes because the paths in this marshy landscape can be really muddy.

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