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National Military Museum

Discover the history of the Dutch armed forces at the National Military Museum (Nationaal Militair Museum) in Soest. Get to know the people behind the armed forces and listen to the personal stories of extraordinary Dutch soldiers.

  • Discover 5000 years of military history, from stone age arrowheads to tanks and aircraft.
  • Get to know the stories of extraordinary Dutch soldiers.
  • Fly in an F-16 simulator or test your mettle on the obstacle course.
Verlengde Paltzerweg 1
3768MX Soest
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The collection contains a range of fascinating objects, from stone age arrowheads and Medieval armor to tanks and aircraft. These and other unique objects bring 5000 years of military history to life.

You will also discover the stories of extraordinary Dutch soldiers like Marco Kroon, who was awarded the highest medal for bravery in Holland in 2009, and Gerben Sonderman, Fokker’s legendary test pilot and a member of the Dutch resistance in WWII.

Scavenger hunt and flight simulator

Besides exploring objects, there are lots of other activities at the National Military Museum. Learn the NATO- alphabet or fly in an F-16 simulator. Go on an exciting scavenger hunt, drive a mini tank, or test your mettle on the obstacle course. There are workshops and extra activities during school holidays.

Other attractions nearby

The National Military Museum is located in Soest, a pleasant village in the province of Utrecht. There are plenty of attractions near the museum. Enjoy the view from the 30 meter observation tower or go for a walk or bicycle tour in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

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