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The big polder tour (39 km)

The Grote Polder Route is a lovely cycling route that takes you through the greenery of the Netherlands. Cycling over the Eemdijk offers an exceptional view of Flevoland.

  • Cycle through the impeccable nature around Utrecht.
  • See the meadows and polders at Eemdijk.
  • Pay a visit to Soestdijk Royal Palace.
If you are visiting Utrecht and want to explore its surroundings, this beautiful bicycle tour is perfect for you. Utrecht boasts some of the most beautiful natural areas in Holland. We recommend the big polder tour that will lead you through beautiful vistas of nature and culture.

Soestdijk Palace

The tour starts in Amersfoort. From here you will ride to Soest with its beautiful Soestdijk Palace, which is where our former Queen Juliana lived. After Soest you will head towards Baarn, entering the peaceful polder region. The Eempolder is an area of extensive fields ruled by nature.


Cycle along the Eemdijk dyke, and enjoy the views that stretch all the way to Flevoland. When you turn off at the end of the Eemdijk, you have almost reached the end of the tour. The last few kilometres lead you through green meadows until you reach your starting point in Amersfoort.

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