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Nature Reserve Green Heart - The Vechtstreek

The Green Heart is a natural area surrounded by the Randstad (The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam). The area consists of a series of landscapes, water and cities. The Green Heart can be subdivided into several areas, each with its own character, such as the Vechtstreek.

  • Enjoy beautiful nature right in the middle of the suburbs.
  • Experience the Dutch landscape by foot, on two wheels or by boat.
  • Visit the popular estates, country houses and castles.
The Vechtstreek is situated north of Utrecht and is one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands. The area includes the lakes of the Loosdrechtse and Vinkeveense Plassen, which are popular with water enthusiasts year round. Peat harvest has created an extensive network of waterways flanked by alternating swamp forests and grasslands.

Estates of the Vechtstreek

The beauty of the Vecht was already well known among the wealthy merchants of Amsterdam around 1600 AD. They built large mansions with parks and gardens. In addition to these listed monuments, an important part of the New Dutch Water Line can be found in this area. It is precisely this combination of natural beauty and castles, mansions and fortresses that makes the Vechtstreek such a fantastic area.

The Vechtstreek boasts a typical Dutch landscape of water, meadows, grazing cows, windmills and cropped willows. Especially in the summer when the boats sail past, the landscape can not feel more Dutch. The Vechtstreek is a treat for both the angler and the bird-watcher. Plant lovers should definitely book a tour through the Polder Demmerik. You will be accompanied by a guide who alerts you to countless rare species of plants.

What to do in the Vechtstreek

The Vechtstreek offers year-round entertainment for everyone. In summer, the area is popular with water sports enthusiasts who come to surf, sail and dive in the Loosdrecht and Vinkeveen lakes. There are endless trails and paths for cyclists and walkers of all levels. Are you a fisherman? Then you should definitely pack your fishing rod. If the winter is cold enough, the waterways of the Vechtstreek are transformed into one of the finest skating areas of the Netherlands.

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