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Michelin Starred Restaurants in Zeeland

Zeeland has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other Dutch province. These establishments are famous for their culinary delights that largely use local products.

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Zeeland stands out with Michelin stars

Every year again, the exciting question is: which restaurants will be receiving one of the much-desired Michelin stars, or even several? Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants for excellent cuisine and service. As appraisals of a restaurant’s quality, these stars carry enormous weight. Zeeland strongly stands out when it comes to Michelin stars, having more Michelin stars per capita than any other place in the Netherlands.

Zeeland’s culinary fertility

Surrounded as it is by highly fertile soil and sea, it’s no surprise that Zeeland has so many culinary delights to offer. Succulent oysters, delicious crabs and an abundance of seafood are at the disposal of Zeeland’s chefs to be turned into the most exquisite of dishes. In Zeeland, a culinary evening is a guaranteed gastronomic success.

Zeeland’s Michelin Starred restaurants are:

1. De Kromme Watergang ★★☆

Edwin and Blanche Vinken focus on the earthy and briny flavours of local produce, incorporating them in exquisite dishes that are perfectly in tune with the Zeelandic and Flemish landscape.

Address: Slijkplaat 6, Hoofdplaat

2. Inter Scaldes ★★★

Jannis Brevet has already earned several Michelin stars in the service of various restaurants. His menu owes much to the influence of the waters of Zeeland and the cheeses and fruits of the Bevelandse polder.

Address:  Zandweg 2, Kruiningen

3. ’t Vlasbloemeken ★☆☆

Eric and Bianca van Bochove await you in the border village of Koewacht on the Zeeland-Flanders border, where they cook using all that is good that comes from sea, field and pasture. In other words, fantastic fare made with local produce.

Address: Nieuwstraat 8, Koewacht

4. Katseveer ★☆☆

Top chef Rutger van der Weel and his wife are passionate about food and hospitality, and the taste of their dishes reflects that in every detail.

Address: Katseveerweg 2, Wilhelminadorp

5. Spetters ★☆☆

Chef Laurent Smallegange cut his teeth in the kitchens of renowned restaurants like Oud-Sluis and De Librije. In his restaurant, commanding views of the beautiful harbour of Breskens, he serves unique and delectable courses.

Address: Kaai 5, Breskens

6. Pure C ★★☆

In the dazzlingly stylish setting of his restaurant, top chef Herman marries his love for local products with Mediterranean influences.

Address: Boulevard De Wielingen 49, Cadzand

7. AIRrepublic ★☆☆

The accessible AIRrepublic brasserie can be found in Cadzand's beautiful marina with a view of the North Sea. It goes without saying that fish and shellfish take pride of place on the menu, with simple but delicious dishes from Zeeland.

Address: Maritiem Plaza 1, Cadzand-Bad

8. Meliefste ★☆☆

Meliefste is a wonderfully welcoming place where even the chefs may drop by for a chat or to explain the delicious food. All dishes are made with local produce, whether from farmers or fishermen.

Address: Wolphaartsdijkseveer 1, Wolphaartsdijk

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