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The resort of Westkapelle

The area of Westkapelle is protected from the North Sea by a high embankment in the Dutch province of Zeeland, at the north-west of the Walcheren peninsula. Interestingly, Westkapelle is not located anywhere near Oostkapelle. The famous resort of Domburg has sprung up between both resorts.

  • Westkapelle is part of the Zeeland Riviera.
  • The lighthouse of Westkapelle used to be a church tower.
  • Westkapelle is an Eldorado for water sports lovers.
The history of the seaside resort of Westkapelle is also an interesting one, as it is marked by floods. Indeed, one flood which was not naturally but deliberately planned was the flood of 1944, when the Allies destroyed embankments in Westkapelle and left the whole village under water to drive away the German occupiers. This historic event is explained in the Polderhuis Museum in an impressive manner.

The resort of Westkapelle on the Zeeland Riviera

Westkapelle is located in the Dutch province of Zeeland, and this, together with the areas of Dishoek and Zoutelande, makes up the so-called Zeeland Riviera. The ideal location for beach lovers, as the beaches on Zeeland's Walcheren peninsula are some of the loveliest in the Netherlands. They are marked by long and wide sand beaches, as well as typical wooden breakwaters. Another plus: an above-averagely high number of hours of sunshine, and outstanding water sports opportunities. Incidentally, it's also an ideal destination during the cooler periods of the year.

Then the lovely clean beaches are almost empty, and dogs can roam around to their hearts' content (FYI:  dogs are allowed on the beach all year round, but need to stay on leash between 10 AM and 6 PM from mid-May to mid-September). During a long beach walk, the cozy beach pavilions of Westkapelle invite you to take a break with coffee and cake, or a typical Dutch midday snack.

How do you get to Westkapelle?

Westkapelle is located on the westernmost point of Zeeland's Walcheren peninsula, which can easily be reached by car via the A58. If you're traveling by public transport, an Intercity will get you to Middelburg, and from there, take the bus to Westkapelle. If you've only just arrived at your destination, you should immediately get on your bicycle, as Zeeland is a paradise for cyclists with its excellently constructed network of cycle paths!

What can you do in Westkapelle?

Of course, Westkapelle is an excellent destination for beach fans, sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts. However, the lovely hinterland also invites you to come on extensive walks and cycling tours. Lovers of culture and the arts will find just what they need in the cities of Zeeland.

  • South of Westkapelle, a dune landscape begins with the highest dunes in the Netherlands, which stretches as far as the neighboring seaside resort of Zoutelande  – ideal for long walks and cycling tours.
  • The bright, striking lighthouse of Westkapelle used to be a church tower. After the church had been destroyed by a fire, the Gothic church tower was used as a lighthouse. It can only be viewed on certain days. Keep an eye on the notice board at the foot of the lighthouse.
  • The extraordinary lighthouse has also inspired artists such as Piet Mondrian. In 1910, it served as a motif for him for a large oil painting, which can be seen in the Gemeentemuseum in the Hague today, and is one of the top works there.
    • At the beginning of July, the legendary Kermis, or funfair, takes place in Westkapelle. A highlight is the traditional Gaaischieten, where 100 shooters shoot at three ship models.
    • Learn more about the history of the war and the building of embankments in Westkapelle in the Polderhuis Museum.

Trip destinations in the surrounding area

You should also visit the lovely towns of Domburg and Middelburg, where you can find museums, markets and excellent restaurants. Tip: The restaurants De Gespleten Arent and Scherp in Middelburg are among the ten best restaurants in Zeeland. And if you're visiting Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland, you should definitely take a closer look at the extraordinary sites of the city - such as the late Gothic town hall of Middelburg, and the famous abbey. A round trip by boat is one of Zeeland's insider tips, as well as a visit to the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier, which has even been labeled the 'eighth wonder of the world'.

On the Walcheren peninsula, you'll also find the coastal town of Vlissingen with its lively town center, interesting museums (even for children!) and the longest beach promenade in the Netherlands.

Beaches in the surrounding area

The neighboring towns of Oostkapelle and Domburg are also known for their fantastic beaches and cozy beach bars. If you want to combine beach life with culture and cuisine, the chic resort of Domburg is perfect for you. You'll find a sandy beach which is not only long, but very wide as well, at Vrouwenpolder: Breezand. Child can let off steam on the wooden pirate ship on the beach there.

If you fancy a tour to the neighboring island of Schouwen-Duiveland, you should definitely visit the Deltapark Neeltje Jans on the way there. There, people both big and small will find a water playground, a hurricane simulator and plenty of interesting information about the storm surge barrier. Further on, there's Renesse, one of Zeeland's most well-known seaside towns, where white sandy beaches and beach pavilions await you.

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