National Landschape Zuid-Beveland

Southwest Zeeland is a beautiful area that is especially known for its beautiful beaches which attract thousands of people every summer. But there is more than sun, sea and sand. Southwest Zeeland can be divided into three National Landscapes: Walcheren, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and Zuid-Beveland. Each of these national landscapes represent a unique part of Zeeland where you can enjoy nature, culture and the local cuisine.
Zuid-Beveland lies between the rivers the Oosterschelde and the Westerschelde. The largest towns in this area are Goes, Borsele and Kapelle. The area between these places contains dikes, nature reserves and picturesque villages. Centuries of struggle between man and sea have eventually formed this landscape into a National Landscape where you can arrange trips that last for hours by bike or on foot.

De Zak van Zuid-Beveland

The richest area of Zuid-Beveland is de Zak van Zuid-Beveland. One of the oldest polder landscapes of the Netherlands lies in this area. From above, it looks like a large patchwork of fields, pastures, dikes and creeks. Fruit cultivation is an important source of income in the area so along the way you will find boxes of apples and pears for sale for about a euro.

Most of the creeks that you will find in the area are old memories of dike breaches. Birds gratefully make use of these ponds. A historical highlight is the Fortress of Ellewoutsdijk by the side of the Westerschelde river. This impressive sea fortress offers a beautiful view over South Beveland and is definitely worth while.

Dishes from Zuid-Beveland

After a day of cycling or hiking through the area of Zuid-Beveland, you will have earned a good meal. Fortunately, this region knows many local dishes that have been prepared in traditional ways for centuries. Some examples are Zeeuwse fish soup, lobster from the Oosterschelde, samphire and oysters from Yerseke. In addition, you should not depart from Zeeland without having tried a Zeeuwse bolus. This sweet cake can be bought at any bakery and in each market. You will be able to find plenty of markets in Zuid-Beveland. The local tourist office will be able to tell you exactly where they are located and on which days they are open.

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