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FEBO Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam and craving a snack? If so, FEBO is the place to be. FEBO offers a wide variety of snacks to satisfy your craving, from tasty fries with sauce, to deep-fried cheese, a minced-meat hotdog and a croquette (in Dutch: kroket) on a roll. Sure, you can always find these products in any other snack bar in Holland, but FEBO is the only place you can pull them out of a wall.

  • Try a typical Dutch snack: kroket, frikandel or kaassoufflé.
  • Pull your snacks out of a wall.
  • Feel like a local!

FEBO Automat

Many a tourist has stood in amazement in front of the FEBO snack wall. Rows of 'kroketten', hamburgers and minced-meat hotdogs behind tiny glass windows, just waiting for a hungry passerby. After feeding your coins into the slot, you just open the glass compartment, and you’re ready to sink your teeth into a fresh, hot snack. There is no reason to doubt the quality of the FEBO product range; all of the products are made fresh daily and delivered to the stores. Tourists who want to feel like a real native should try these quick snacks from the wall at FEBO.

Ferdinand Bolstraat (FEBO)

The automat has been the heart and soul of FEBO for over 40 years. In 1960, pastry chef J.I. de Borst was the first in the Netherlands to transform his pastry-snack business into a fast, “hit-and-run” snack bar, in which the automat played a starring role. He attributes his success to a focus on quality, a top priority for him since he started out in 1941 in Maison Febo in Amsterdam. He makes the croquettes himself, just like he makes his own ice cream. Over the years, FEBO has grown to become a concern with franchises all over the Netherlands. Mr. de Borst has never outsourced the production of his snacks.

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