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Museum Van Loon

Museum Van Loon is the former residence of the Van Loon family of regents of Amsterdam. This extremely wealthy family bought the house in 1884. The home has since been turned into a living museum. “A House in Time” gives you a good impression of what the residence looked like when it was home to Mr. and Mrs. Van Loon.

  • Discover how a rich regent’s family lived in 19th century Amsterdam.
  • The painter Ferdinand Bol was the first occupant of this building.
  • Admire the riches of this beautiful canal house.
Keizersgracht 672
1017ET Amsterdam
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Van Loon: a family of position

Historical photographs, paintings, personal souvenirs and documents tell the history of the Van Loon family. The family co-founded the Dutch East India Company and held various positions in the Amsterdam city government. They were later ennobled by King William I. In the 19th century, the Van Loon’s were active in banking. Their monumental house well suited the prominent position held by the family in the city of Amsterdam.

The Van Loon art collection

The interior of the museum has an informal atmosphere. Of the original interior, only the 18th century furniture remains for the most part. The lavishly decorated rooms on the second floor are in sharp contrast to the austere servants’ rooms in the basement and attic. Unique photographs show the servants’ quarters in the attic. This floor is not open to the public, however, as it is still in use by the surviving relatives of the Van Loon family.

Family portraits are displayed amidst personal souvenirs, including fans and garments. Photographs taken during the restoration work can be seen in the basement, where you can also watch a film in which Esquire Professor Maurits van Loon takes visitors on a personal tour through the house.

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