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The Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen has brought together an impressive collection of CoBrA art. Every one of the masterpieces finds its origins in the CoBrA movement. With this collection, the Cobra Museum of Modern Art ensures that the legacy of the CoBrA movement remains in the public eye, and that the intellectual heritage of the movement's artists is kept alive. Visit the Cobra Museum of Modern Art and behold the masterpieces of adherents to this movement, such as Karel Appel, Corneille and Constant.

  • Visit this contemporary art museum.
  • See works by the great masters Karel Appel, Corneille, and Constant.
  • Just a short distance from Amsterdam.
Sandbergplein 1
1181ZX Amstelveen
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CoBrA art movement

CoBrA was formed on 8 November 1948 during an international artists’ congress in Paris by artists from Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. The artists strove to oppose academia and reverted to primitive or outsider art. CoBrA was characterised by childlike drawings with a spontaneous and innocent character. The work of the Dutch founders of CoBrA – Appel, Corneille and Constant – was crucial for the development of modern art in the Netherlands.

Cobra and more

Visit the Cobra Museum of Modern Art and immerse yourself in the most important post-war art movement of the Netherlands. All forms of art in the collection and all the artists involved in the movement are represented in an architectural tour de force by architect Wim Quist. In addition to the masterpieces from the CoBrA art movement, a wing has been set up with pieces from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen.

The Museum is located in the verdant municipality of Amstelveen, which borders Amsterdam. In less than 40 minutes, a bus or tram will whisk you away from the heart of Amsterdam and drop you off at the main entrance to the Cobra Museum.

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