Museum Het Schip Amsterdam
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'Het Schip’ or The Ship is a structure build according to the ideals of the ‘Amsterdamse School’ (Amsterdam School). The Amsterdam School was a movement between 1910 and 1930. One of the characteristics of this style is the use of bricks.

  • Museum devoted to the Amsterdam School.
  • Daily tours of the unique complex.
  • See the world-famous tower of De Klerk.
Oostzaanstraat 45
1013WG Amsterdam
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Amsterdam School Museum

The building was designed in 1919 by architect Michel de Klerk and contained houses for the working class, a meeting hall and a post office. Today The Ship is a museum that tells the history of the building and explains the ideals of the Amsterdam School. You can participate in many expositions and tours at the monument.

Architecture in Amsterdam

After visiting The Ship you’ll suddenly discover the Amsterdam School everywhere. It is a true eye-opener for everyone who wants to learn more about architecture and the city of Amsterdam.

More Amsterdam School architecture

In Amsterdam, in addition to Het Schip, you will also find the Scheepvaarthuis (Shipping House) where you can even spend the night. Right in the middle of the city center is the Beurs van Berlage, one of the most important monuments in 19th-century architecture.

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