Houseboat museum on the canal Amsterdam
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The Houseboat Museum

The Houseboat Museum in Amsterdam was created when a houseboat resident noticed how curious visitors were about his home.

  • Check out life aboard a houseboat.
  • Guided tour in many languages.
  • The houseboat is furnished as if it was still inhabited.

Prinsengracht 296K
1016HW Amsterdam
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In 1997, Vincent van Loon created the Houseboat Museum from the Hendrika Maria, a Former cargo ship built in 1914. At the museum, you get the chance to experience first-hand what it’s like to live in a houseboat on an Amsterdam canal. The cargo hold is now a cosy living space featuring all the conveniences and a surprising amount of space and comfort, answering questions like, "Where do you get electricity and fresh water?" and, "Isn't it cold?" and any other query.

One floating cultural education

Visitors can visit the houseboat at its mooring near the Anne Frank House. Unlike many museums, photography is allowed on board, and there is a children's play area available as well. You can take your own walking tour of the boat with brochures in multiple languages. Pick up coffee tea or a soft drink in the 1950s-style Dutch lounge, and a gift in the museum shop on your way out.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see how the Dutch live—not only on a houseboat, but in general, as the décor and atmosphere is typically Dutch. Just what this means is hard to describe. Only the initiated visitors can understand.

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