Romantic Amsterdam

The winter in Amsterdam is so romantic! The intimacy of the old centre with its lovely canals, the many shopping streets with their decorative lighting and beautiful windows, and of course the countless welcoming pubs and great restaurants. It often seems several degrees warmer than it really is in wintry Amsterdam, just because the atmosphere is so pleasant.

  • The best tips for Valentine’s day.
  • Dine in the dark or on the canals.
  • The most romantic spot in Amsterdam

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

Invite the love of your life for a Valentine’s trip to Amsterdam and you’ll be sure to have a romantic time. There are plenty of things to do! You could take a ride in the horse-drawn carriage through the Vondelpark and end the day with a romantic dinner. Or go for a classical concert at the beautiful old Concertgebouw.

Romantic dining

If you want to enjoy a truly unique and romantic dinner in Amsterdam, go to Ctaste. You’ll eat in the dark and this will truly bring all your senses (except your sight) to life. While the chef will take your preferences into account, the menu is a surprise. Another romantic outing is a dinner cruise on a saloon boat while cruising the Amsterdam canals. Let the boat take you from restaurant to restaurant while you enjoy the tastiest dishes either on board or in the restaurants.

Kissing forever

Another romantic suggestion is a great movie seen from the ‘love seat’ in Tuschinski, Amsterdam’s most beautiful movie theatre. Enjoy the beautiful theatre in its early nineteenth century Art Deco splendour and then go for a stroll to the Magere Brug or skinny bridge. It is said that those who kiss at the bridge will stay together forever. We cannot really guarantee that, but we do guarantee that the bridge is a lovely spot for a romantic date!

Plan your romantic winter trip to Amsterdam this winter and enjoy the atmosphere in this beautiful city.

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