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Pathé Tuschinski Amsterdam

The Royal cinema Pathé Tuschinski can be found in the center of Amsterdam. The building was erected in the nineteen twenties. On arrival, you will be welcomed to the impressive foyer. Did you get a ticket for the movie in the big theater? You will be astonished even before the movie starts.

  • Watch the latest Hollywood movies in this beautiful space.
  • Discover architectural styles such as Art Deco, Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, and Amsterdamse School.
  • Before and after the movie, enjoy a snack and a drink in the foyer.
Reguliersbreestraat 26-34
1017CN Amsterdam
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Extraordinary building

Abraham Tuschinski, the owner, had a big say in the design that is characterized by the building styles called Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, and Amsterdamse School. Not everyone was happy with the design. Just after its doors opened, several newspapers called the theater a monstrosity. They felt it was too colorful and too gaudy. Today, the Dutch have embraced the building and it has become one of the most popular cinemas in Holland. It is where big opening nights occur. Tuschinski was granted the right to call itself "royal" ("koninklijk") in 2021, the year in which the cinema celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The cinema was renovated several times through the years. Apart from the stunning architecture, don't forget to look at the carpet when you walk in. It was made in one piece in Morocco. KLM flew it to Holland in a single piece.

Near Pathé Tuschinski

The cinema is located in the center of Amsterdam. Nearby, you will find Rembrandtplein, the perfect place to explore Amsterdam’s nightlife. If you want to go shopping before you watch the movie, this is also possible. You could stroll into Kalverstraat or check out other good places for Shopping in Amsterdam. Special souvenirs can be found nearby at the floating flower market: for instance tulip bulbs you can plant when you get home. They will remind you of your time in Amsterdam come spring. Tulip bulbs are also popular gifts for friends and family. Since the cinema is in the very center of Amsterdam, there are plenty of good and attractive hotels nearby for a longer stay in the capital.

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