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Amsterdam: cycling capital of the world

The Dutch and their bikes are inseparable. It’s not a form of transportation, it’s a way of living. Everywhere you go in Holland there are bicycle paths and other facilities. In Holland, the best way to travel along the canals and busy roads is by bike, especially in the capital.

  • The bicycle is the perfect way to get from A to B in Amsterdam.
  • Experience the city like a native.
  • Taking the children to Amsterdam? Rent a carrier bike!

Bike Tips

Become a real ‘Amsterdammer’ and travel by bike. You can rent a bike anywhere. However, there are a few things you should know before you start cycling in Amsterdam:

  • Cycle in the right pace. Don’t stand around on every corner or even worse on the middle of the cycling path. It’s dangerous for you and the other traffic participants.
  • Cycle on the bicycle paths. Bicycle paths are specially made for cyclers. The only excuse you have to cycle on the street is when there is no bicycle path.
  • Cycle to Amsterdam Central Station and park your bike in the bicycle parking. Unique in the world is the bike ramp that has room for 7000 bikes.
  • Cycle with your kids in a ‘bakfiets’ (cargo bike). If you visit Amsterdam with your children you should rent a ‘bakfiets’. This bike has a wooden compartment in which your kids can sit.

Cycle through Amsterdam

When you’ve got cycling in Amsterdam under control you will get to know the city as no other. You can easily bike along the canals and over the many bridges, through the city park ‘Vondelpark’ and on to the Van Gogh Museum and the Albert Cuyp market in one morning. And most of all, you’ll be living the life of a real Amsterdammer.

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