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The Netherlands Water Museum

Centuries upon centuries, the Dutch battled water in a fight to keep their land dry and expand it. It is not for no reason that Holland is known as a land of water, and the Dutch as water management specialists. So it only makes sense that if you want to visit a proper water museum, there’s only one country to go...

  • Find out more about drinking water, groundwater and the importance of Dutch dikes.
  • Take a boating trip through the sewers!
  • Children can do fun experiments in this interactive museum about water.
Zijpendaalseweg 26-28
6814CL Arnhem
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The wonders of water

The Netherlands Water Museum in Arnhem is a modern and interactive museum that explains everything there is to know about fresh water. Not only does the museum focus on its importance for the Netherlands, but it presents the value of this precious liquid from a universal perspective. 

The World of Water

The Netherlands Water Museum has different sections that show you the world of water:

  • Waterlab: children between the age of 6 and 12 are invited to do all sorts of experiments with water (only during weekends),
  • Water World: over fifty exhibits show you how people from all over the world use water,
  • Water Information Centre: a library with all the answers to your questions about water,
  • Water Cinema: watch films about water management and the importance of water in other parts of the world. 

Educational Experience 

A visit to the museum is a pleasant and informative experience for the whole family. It will make you more aware of the importance of water. Treat yourself to a unique gift from the Water Shop, which sells a great selection of water-related items.

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