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A Day in Delft

Start your day with a cup of fresh coffee and homemade apple pie at ‘Uit de Kunst’ (Oude Delft 140).  In front of the coffeehouse, you will find a telephone box featuring an exhibition by a different artist each month. This is jokingly called the world’s smallest museum. Stroll along the canal to the most photogenic part of Delft on the corner of Nieuwstraat and Wijnhaven. Shoot some pictures of your own and continue to Koornmarkt 113, where you will board a touring boat for a trip on Delft’s canals (canal cruise tour from April through October).

  • Take a look at the bullet holes that are a striking reminder of the assassination of Prince William of Orange.
  • Climb the 365 steps of the Nieuwe Kerk.
  • Finish your day in Delft with beer and 'bitterballen'.
Time for lunch at Stads-Koffyhuis Kleyweg (Oude Delft 133), the lunchroom that serves the best sandwiches in Holland. Don’t forget to visit the lavatories which are decorated with Delft Blue mosaics. After a fortifying lunch it is time to visit the Prinsenhof Museum (Sint-Agathaplein 1). Bullet holes in the wall are a stark reminder of the assassination of Prince William of Orange in 1584.  Continue your walk to the Vermeer Centre Delft (Voldersgracht 21) to discover the life and art of Johannes Vermeer, the master of light. Continue on to the Markt via Aardewerkfabriek De Candelaer (Kerkstraat 13), a pottery workshop where you can see Delft Blue painters at work.
Time for a snack: take your pick from ‘Hollandse haring’ (Dutch herring) at Visbanken (Camaretten 2) or a serving of ‘Bill Clinton poffertjes’ (small pancakes) at the Gulden ABC (Markt 34). Enjoy the rest since you will soon be climbing the 365 steps of the Nieuwe Kerk for a fantastic view from the top of the church tower. The vista ranges from Rotterdam to The Hague. Should the bad weather prevent you from making the climb, visit the royal grave and the Royal Family exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerk.
A day in Delft should be concluded with a good meal. Order a glass of beer and some ‘bitterballen’, a Dutch hearty snack, at café De Wijnhaven (Wijnhaven 22), De Sjees (Markt 5) or Stadscafé  de Waag (Markt 11). Then go for a Burgundian experience at Stadsherberg de Mol (Molslaan 104), where you will be dressed in Medieval style and eat with your fingers. If you prefer a culinary experience that tickles the palate, order dinner at restaurant Van der Dussen (Bagijnhof 118).

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