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Delft’s Secrets

It is not just the historic city centre and rich history of Delft that will amaze you. The city is full of special surprises that are worth your consideration. To ensure that you don’t visit Delft and miss out on any of the city’s hidden pearls, we are uncovering the secrets of Delft below.

  • Discover Delft's best kept secrets.
  • Read more on how you can experience Delft like a true Delftonian.
  • Savor the very best delicacies and see Delft Blue in its purest form.

Bakkerij de Diamanten Ring

Buy a bag of ‘Scheve Jantjes’. These adorable butter cookies produced by Bakkerij de Diamanten Ring bear the image of the Oude Kerk and come in a lovely Delft Blue cookie tin. This is the most flavourful souvenir available in Delft.

Address: Choorstraat 9

Winkeltje Kouwenhoven

Winkeltje Kouwenhoven sits comfortably next to Museum het Prinsenhof. The authentic shop – its interior is a century old – sells a host of old-fashioned, nostalgic products. Stop by for a bag of vintage Dutch candy, such as liquorice and liquorice candy, as well as coloured sour balls.

Address: Sint Agathaplein 3a

Uit de Kunst

This coffee house serves freshly made coffee and homemade apple pie. The shop sells a range of Art Deco furniture. On the sidewalk, you'll find the world's smallest museum. A different artist exhibits his work in the old-fashioned telephone box each month.

Address: Oude Delft 140

World of Delights

Step into a gigantic pair of wooden shoes in front of World of Delights. Take the ultimate ‘Holland photo’ at this popular souvenir shop. 

Address: Markt 62

Aardewerkfabriek de Candelaer

The workshop of the Candelaer pottery factory is open so you can watch the Delft Blue painters at work from the street. See the masters responsible for hundreds of Delft Blue works of art.

Address: Kerkstraat 13

Hofjes van Delft

Hidden in Delft’s inner city, you’ll find several intimate courtyards. If you want to visit these lovely cottages surrounding their green courtyards, walk to the Hofje van Gratie (Van der Mastenstraat 26-38), Hofje van Pauw (Paardenmarkt 54-62), Hofje van Almonde (Bagijnhof 10-22) and Klaeuwshofje (Oranje plantage 58-77).

Hotel de Emauspoort

This hotel in the centre of Delft has a number of special bedrooms. You can spend the night in the Vermeer Room, for instance, which is inspired on the famous Delft painter. Or sleep in one of the authentic caravans from the old Dutch children’s TV show Pipo de Clown.

Address: Vrouwenregt 9-11


It is not really a secret anymore, but Stads-koffyhuis serves the best sandwiches in Holland. Order the Alex’ Keuze sandwich and decide for yourself.

Address: Oude Delft 133

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