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Dining on boats

The canals have been a feature of Dutch life for centuries. Not only do they provide a means of transportation through and between the cities, but they have also been turned into mobile dinner entertainment. Amsterdam, Leiden, The Hague and Delft in particular are home to amazing dinner cruises that sail the canals and let you take in the sights over a leisurely meal.

  • Experience a special evening on the water.
  • Admire the city from the water while enjoying a tasty dinner.
  • Do you have children? In that case, the pancake boat is the perfect choice. Or enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

Types of boat dining available

There are several types of dining boats plying the canals of Holland. Like the restaurants on land, the boats cover every international cuisine you’re in the mood for:

  • Spanish tapas boats, Dutch pancake boats and barbecue boats: these offer a one to two-hour cruise with great meals in their specific category.
  • Sing-along boats: here you might become the entertainment. Have dinner and sing-along with traditional Dutch music as you dine happily.
  • Romantic dinner cruises: often a bit more expensive than some of the other dining cruises, these can be group cruises or private dinners just for two. Perfect for an evening during a honeymoon.

Wine and dine on the canals

These cruises can be a lovely way to see views of the city from the water and enjoy traditional (or not so traditional) Dutch fare. Be aware that some boats do not take credit cards, so do your research on the boat you choose and board prepared. Again, some dinners on some cruises include drinks while on others they are an extra charge. Combined with a walking tour of city these cruises can be the garnish to a wonderful visit.

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