Delft city centre market
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Markets in Delft

The markets in Delft draw visitors from afar. Regulars from Delft shop side by side with dozens, even hundreds of visitors from the neighbouring cities like The Hague and Rotterdam. Tourists love to explore the hundreds of market stalls. Colourful flower stalls, merchants selling cheese and other fresh products, and countless antiques, books and trinkets... The Delft markets can be found in the city’s centre and are a major attraction for tourists.

  • Visit Delft on Thursdays for the biggest market.
  • Buy flowers at the flower market.
  • Hunt for good deals on the antiques market.

Delft general and flower market

Thursday is market day in Delft. Between City Hall and the Nieuwe Kerk, some 150 stalls are jumbled together in the Delft general market. The square is quite logically called ‘de Markt’. This is where you buy cheese, fish, vegetables, bread, nuts and other food. The merchants don’t just offer fresh products; the market also features clothing, bicycle accessories and electronic gadgets. Around the market, pubs and open-air terraces are happy to serve a cup of coffee if you need to rest your feet.

The flower market can be found on the Brabantse Turfmarkt, a five-minute walk from the general market. Every Thursday, this lovely piece of Delft is transformed into a colourful portrait boasting dozens of flower merchants and thousands of flowers. On Saturdays the location hosts a smaller version of the general market with some 50 stalls.

Delft antiques market

For years now, the weekly art and antiques market has attracted day tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful city and hunt for good deals. This is where you find those candle holders, the vintage pottery or the work by an unknown artist that you have been looking for. And perhaps you may even find an unknown work by Vermeer at one of the stalls. The antiques and vintage market is open on Saturdays from April through October. It sprawls along the Voldersgracht and the canals in the Hippolytusbuurt and Wijnhaven.

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