Top cafés and restaurants in Delft

Delft boasts many cafés, bars and restaurants to suit every preference and budget. The historic inner city with its canals and squares serves as the backdrop to pleasant terraces. What are THE places to be? We have selected ten cafés and restaurants for you, all of which are great be it for their location, bar or kitchen.

  • Blend right in as you enjoy your meal like a local in the university city of Delft.
  • Find the best terraces overlooking bustling squares and historic canals.
  • Specialty restaurants and fine dining for culinary delights.

Top 5 cafés

Grandcafé De Sjees

At De Sjees, enjoy your drinks on the heated terrace come rain or shine. Enjoy the variety of specialty beers and gin and tonics, as well as the view of Delft’s historic city hall. 

Seven Hills

The restaurant’s trendy interior is clearly visible through the high glassed-in facade. Go here to lounge New York style, for instance with a ‘high gin’ or a high tea. Or find a table in the sun on the boat terrace.

Bar Sil

The large terrace on the attractive Beestenmarkt is a beloved location for Delft’s locals. Inside, Bar Sil is intimate, modern and minimalist with robust materials. A DJ provides the music.

Café Luna

Café Luna is the place to go for cocktails and mocktails. The bright colors and festive drinks make for a holiday ambiance. The terrace heaters will keep you warm in winter.

Café Einstein

This is not just a nostalgic bar, but an Italian restaurant as well. The attractive terrace garden is a great place to enjoy appetizers and a drink or a ‘high wine’. 

Top 5 restaurants

Restaurant Kruydt

Restaurant Kruydt serves excellent meals for lunch and dinner in a historic location. The kitchen staff works in the former ammunitions warehouse of the Ministry of Defense. Take your pick from a range of international dishes and classic wines, or let the chef prepare a surprise menu. 

’t Postkantoor

Vintage furniture, tapestries, hanging plants and colorful lights make for a relaxed, welcoming ambiance at ’t Postkantoor. There are seats by the hearth as well as a terrace in the back. The menu combines French and Asian cuisine with Dutch influences.

Brasserie ’t Crabbetje

The modest facade hides a gem of a restaurant. Do you love fruits de mer, coquilles or sole? Seafood restaurant ’t Crabbetje serves the best seafood dishes on lovingly decorated plates. 

De Delf

De Delf serves delicious appetizers on wooden boards and overlooks Delft’s oldest canal. Order a ‘bread board’, ‘Mieterse’ board, selection of cheeses or sweet snacks, to be enjoyed on your own or to share with others. In summer, the terrace boat outside De Delf offers a fantastic view of the historic city.

Grk & zo

If you think that every Greek restaurant is more or less the same, you should visit Grk & zo. The space is unexpectedly large with ample seating while still retaining an intimate ambiance. Enjoy real Greek food at a modern, trendy place. Bonus: the pleasant summer terrace on Doelenplein square.

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