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4x restaurants in Den Bosch

Den Bosch is famed as a wonderful, bon-vivant city, and it certainly lives up to its reputation when it comes to good food. So when, after a long day of shopping and soaking up culture, you find yourself in the mood for a healthy and hearty meal, Den Bosch has a whole range of options for you! To simplify matters, we’ve listed our favourite eateries for you.

  • Discover why Den Bosch has been elected 'Capital of Flavor' twice already.
  • Take a look at our 4 favourite restaurants in Den Bosch.
  • From easygoing eateries to Michelin star restaurants, Den Bosch has it all.

Den Bosch’s top 4 restaurants

1. Restaurant Lux

A location with a great atmosphere in Den Bosch’s culinary main street. Restaurant Lux offers deliciously fresh, home-made dishes. This restaurant has everything you need for a great evening: good food, excellent service and a relaxed atmosphere.

Address: Korte Putstraat 23, Den Bosch

2. Restaurant Noble *

Restaurant Noble can be found in a gorgeous building, Chalet Royal. Former two-star cook Edwin Kats serves the most delicious and sophisticated dishes according to the shared dining concept. The restaurant is characterised by straight-line design, an informal atmosphere and a lovely terrace. Order a bottle of excellent wine on the side and you’re guaranteed a great, top-level culinary evening!

Address: Wilhelminaplein 1, Den Bosch

3. Restaurant Lokaal 1650

Shared dining restaurant on the most convivial eatery street in Den Bosch. Delightful menu with surprising dishes and excellent wines. Eat, drink, experience and enjoy together.

Address: Korte putstraat 27, Den Bosch

4. Eetbar DIT

Perhaps the most unique restaurant in Den Bosch, with a creatively designed interior and an original menu appealing to all ages, DIT is fun for everyone. Eetbar DIT is well-known for its enjoyable and informal atmosphere, excellent service and delicious dishes and wines.

Address: Snellestraat 24-26, Den Bosch

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