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Architecture in Den Bosch

If you love architecture, you will find a lot to see in Den Bosch. The city boasts impressive cathedrals and beautiful churches, such as St Janskathedraal (St. John’s or St. Jan’s Cathedral) and Sint-Catharinakerk (Saint Catherine’s Church). The citadel is a part of the city’s fortifications. Modern architecture can be found in the Paleiskwartier, while authentic buildings grace Uilenburg... In short, there is a lot to see in this beautiful city.

  • Visit Den Bosch and uncover a city filled with awe-inspiring architecture.
  • From cathedrals to fortifications, there is plenty to see.
  • Learn more about the architecture of Den Bosch.

The fortifications

Den Bosch is a fortified city with a history full of cannons and conquests. The fortifications date from the 13th century and can be seen throughout the city. They are marked by a darker-colored cobblestone in the road. The second set of walls consists of multiple gates, bastions, bridges and paths. A good way to explore the fortifications is a wonderful ‘fortress walk’ or one of the boat tours.

City Hall

Part of City Hall dates from 1670 but there are parts that date back to the Middle Ages. In fact, City Hall consists of three buildings that were merged. The oldest of the three was erected in 1366. The broad steps were added 1529 to accommodate the city’s official ceremonies. The interior and centuries-old carillon are as fascinating as the rest of City Hall. You can participate in a tour every week.

The Moriaan

The Moriaan is said to be the oldest brick house in Holland. It dates from the 13th century and many authentic components, such as the beam structures and roof construction, remain. With its remarkable appearance, the residence served as a meeting place for the Reformists during the iconoclastic period (1566). They wanted to drive the Catholics out of the city. It is, in short, a unique building with a unique history.

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