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Saint John’s Cathedral

Saint John’s Cathedral, or Sint Janskathedraal in Dutch, is without a doubt one of the architectural highlights in the city of Hertogenbosch, also known as Den Bosch. The Gothic church was erected between 1370 and 1529 and is decorated with extraordinary sculptured detail.

  • Visit beautiful Saint John’s Cathedral in Den Bosch.
  • Explore the impressive interior and don’t forget the special organ.
  • Climb the St. John’s Cathedral and enjoy the beautiful view at 43 meters up in the sky.

Prosperous s’-Hertogenbosch

The majestic Saint John’s Cathedral clearly reflects the prosperity of 's-Hertogenbosch in the late Middle Ages. Its rich sculptural detail, the big organ and the cut altar are just a few examples. Unfortunately the cathedral’s interior suffered greatly during the Iconoclastic Fury of the sixteenth century, when it was changed into a Protestant church and many Catholic attributes disappeared. Fortunately the baptismal font from 1492, the pulpit from 1560, and the majestic organ from 1620 remain. Saint John’s was transformed back into a Roman Catholic Church in 1816, and became the main church in the bishopric once again in 1853.

Climb the Sint-Jan

An expert guide will lead you up the tower of the Sint-Jan or St. John’s. Along the way, you will see the carillon, the clock and the exhibition on the history, construction and renovation of the tower. The steep climb up the centuries old stairs of the Sint-Janstoren is rewarded with a magnificent view of the historic inner city at 43 meters. Discover the beautiful surroundings of ‘s-Hertogenbosch from this vantage point.

Practical information

The church is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00. Please note that deviating hours may occur due to church services or other activities.

Watch this video: City Film St. John's Cathedral

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