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Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is centrally located in the south of Holland and the country’s biggest regional airport. Flights from over seventy-five European cities, such as Marseille, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin and London, land on Eindhoven Airport every day.

  • Fly to and from over 75 destinations.
  • Your perfect base for visiting the south of Holland.
  • Book a hotel at Eindhoven Airport for your comfort.

Eindhoven Airport is centrally located

Eindhoven Airport is the perfect airport for your holiday in southern part of Holland. Popular cities in Brabant, such as Den Bosch and Tilburg, can be reached within 30 minutes. And you can order a cup of coffee on a terrace in Breda or the exuberant city of Maastricht within the hour. Public transport conveys you to Eindhoven Central Station in just 20 minutes.

Accessibility of Eindhoven

Design city Eindhoven is centrally located in the southeastern part of Brabant. The center of Eindhoven is just 9 kilometers from the airport. That is about a 15 minute drive by car. There is also a regular bus connection between the airport and the city center.

The AirExpressBus offers a line service between Eindhoven Airport, Den Bosch (30 min.), Utrecht (1 hour) and Amsterdam (1.5 hours).

There are also several rental companies where you can rent a car to explore the surroundings.

Hotel Eindhoven

A hotel near Eindhoven Airport is easily found. There are several hotels at the airport as well as in the area around the airport. Public transport conveys you to and from the airport quickly and easily. Enjoy a comfortable bed near the airport and pick a hotel Eindhoven.

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Boutique Hotel Lumiere

The Boutique Hotel Lumiere is a stylish city hotel in the heart of Eindhoven. Free Wi-Fi access is available anywhere in the hotel. Eindhoven Central Station and shopping centre is within walking distance.

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