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Boat tour of Haarlem

The Spaarne is the S-shaped canal that meanders through the old city centre of Haarlem. Enjoy a spectacular view of the canal houses, churches and De Adriaan windmill from the water. A tour boat will guide you past the most beautiful hotspots in Haarlem. The tour lasts about an hour. If you want to spend more time on Haarlem’s canals, we recommend hiring your own boat.

  • Explore Haarlem from the water on a boat tour.
  • Sail past all of the city’s highlights.
  • Book a tour on a ‘Borrelboot’ (cocktail boat) or take a romantic Candlelight Cruise.

Boat tour

There are many ways to explore the waters of Haarlem, the most well-known is a boat tour. The regular tour boats take you past various city highlights and run several times a day. In addition to the regular boat tours you can also enjoy several arrangements, such as the Cocktail Boat, a High Tea Cruise, ‘Rondje Haarlem’ (Haarlem tour) or a Romantic Candlelight Cruise. Wouldn’t a boat tour with a drink and some nice food be even more fun?

Boat rental

If you want to explore Haarlem by boat more extensively, we recommend hiring a boat. There are several boat rental agencies in Haarlem that offer lovely modern motorised boats so you can explore the canals of Haarlem for an entire day. You could set course for Spaarndam, Mooie Nel and Molenplas lake and stop at one of the cafés or restaurants on the water, such as Spaarne66, Zuidam, Bij van Assema or Café Terras Fort Zuid.

Please contact the local tourist (VVV) office for more information on boat rentals.

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