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Haarlem-beach itinerary

Haarlem is less than ten kilometres away from the Dutch coast. The Kennemerduinen dunes separate the city from the beach. It is a big fund field rich in flora and fauna. If you want to take a trip to the beach on a beautiful summer day, rent a bicycle and take this itinerary to reach the beach in less than an hour.

  • Cycle from Haarlem’s inner city to the Bloemendaal beach through the dune landscape.
  • Avoid traffic jams and parking troubles at the beach.
  • Enjoy the rich flora and fauna along this beautiful itinerary.

Haarlem-beach itinerary

  1. The Grote Markt is the starting point for this itinerary from Haarlem to the beach. From this central square, follow a straight line through the Zijlstraat and across the bridge to the Zijlweg, until you reach a T junction.
  2. Turn right to cross the railway line and then turn left on the roundabout. You are now on the Militairenweg, which turns into the Zeeweg and takes you straight to seaside resort Bloemendaal aan Zee.

The itinerary from Haarlem to the Bloemendaal beach is as easy as that.


At the end of a day on the beach you can take the same itinerary to get back to Haarlem. You could also continue on through the Kennemerduinen nature reserve.

  1. Return to the end of the Zeeweg and turn into the Parnassiaweg in a northerly direction. Continue through the dunes along the coast until you reach the car park at Parnassia aan Zee after a few kilometres.
  2. Turn right here. You are now riding through the Kennemerduinen dune field. At the end of the road turn left into the Grote Schapenkamp.
  3. You will pass the Vogelmeer lake to your right. After several kilometres turn right into the Dronkendel.
  4. For the next three kilometres you will cycle through forest, dunes and grasslands until you reach the junction with the Bergweg.
  5. Cross the junction and continue south through the forest for another three kilometres until you reach the Zeeweg once again. Turn left to ride back to Haarlem’s city centre.

This itinerary through the nature reserve takes about one hour.

More in the area

Haarlem is really close to Amsterdam, by train it is a 20 minutes ride. Because it is so easy to reach Amsterdam, it is highly recommended to also visit this beautiful city. Take for example a boat trip through the canals and visit the Vondelpark, there is plenty to do!

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