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Monument itinerary Haarlem

Haarlem is ideal for a lovely walk along all the monuments that this historic city has in abundance. The walk takes about an hour and a half, but you'll see so many lovely sights along the way that you'll want to spend all day in Haarlem.

  • Go for a walk through beautiful Haarlem.
  • Enjoy the lovely buildings and the Spaarne.
  • Combine this with a visit to a museum.
Start your morning in Haarlem with a cup of coffee on the Grote Markt. Take your time to visually explore the dozens of special monuments that surround this central square. The itinerary through Haarlem starts in front of the oldest city hall in Holland. Turn left into the Koningsstraat here. Note number 37, where you will see the statue of a baker that commemorates the former bakery here. The tourist office (VVV) is at the end of the street (Verwulft 11).
Turn into the Gierstraat and stop at the centuries-old chemist’s shop at number 3 to buy the miracle cure for all ills: Haarlemmerolie or Haarlem oil. Continue through the Breestraat, Lange Raamstraat and Nieuwe Kerk and Nieuwe Kerksplein to the greenest street in Haarlem: the Korte Houtstraat. Stroll on to the Grote Houtstraat, Grote Houtbrug and Houtplein square to the Dreef. The Welgelegen Pavilion is located at number 3. The current Province Hall, formerly Napoleon’s country house, is located at the edge of the Haarlemmerhout city park. If you have some time to spare, walk around the park and have lunch at the tea house.
Return across the bridge and turn right onto the Gasthuisvest. Turn into the second street to the left towards the Frans Hals Museum (Groot Heiligland 62). Take your time admiring the world-famous town guard paintings by Frans Hals. At the end of the street turn right and immediately left into the Kleine Houtstraat. Stroll from shop to shop straight into the Lange Veerstraat. Turn right when you reach the Damstraat. The beautiful Waag building is to your left at the end of the street. Have a glass of wine and some typically Dutch snacks and enjoy the view of the Spaarne river.
After this well-earned break, turn left and follow the water towards the oldest museum in Holland: Teylers Museum (Spaarne 16). Turn left into the gorgeous Bakenessegracht and walk through the Korte Begijnestraat to the Lange Begijnestraat, past the Toneelschuur and Philharmonie. The Riviervismarkt leads you back to the Grote Markt and its beautiful monuments Hoofdwacht, St. Bavokerk church and De Hallen.
Without breaks the entire itinerary takes about 90 minutes. We do however recommend stopping for a drink and lunch on a terrace. You may also want to take some time to visit the Frans Hals Museum or Teylers Museum.

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