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Dutch National Museum of Antiquities

The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities offers visitors a close look at archeology and ancient life in its stunning exhibitions and permanent collection. The museum has over 180,000 objects in its collection divided into four main areas: Egypt, Classical Antiquity (Greeks, Romans and Etruscans), the Ancient Near East and the Netherlands in prehistory, Roman and medieval times.

  • Go back in time and discover the treasures of the Egypt, the Classical World, the ancient Near East, and the Netherlands – in prehistoric, Roman, and medieval times
  • Enjoy one of the world’s top ten Egyptian collections, and don’t miss out on the 2,000-year old Egyptian temple from the village of Taffeh
  • Meander around the historical building and heritage site, which was once an old mansion and almshouse
Rapenburg 28
2311EW Leiden
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The ‘Rijksmuseum van Oudheden’ (Dutch National Museum of Antiquities) in Leiden is Holland’s national archaeological museum. There is no other museum with such an extensive collection of Dutch archaeological items. You can learn more about the history of Holland from prehistoric times up to the late Middle Ages.

Archaeological Collection

The museum was founded by King William I in 1818, and manages collections of archaeological artifacts from cultures that have been pivotal for the development of today’s civilization. Besides the Dutch archaeology you discover stunning objects from Egypt, the Romans and ancient Greece.

Quest for Kids

Not only are the exhibitions in the museum a feast for the eyes, the building it is situated in is well worth a visit in itself. The museum is located in an old mansion and almshouse, a monumental building in Leiden. If you visit with children, they can enjoy a fun quest through the museum.

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