Naturalis Biodiversity Center
© Koen Mol via Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Meet Trix the dinosaur, learn about early humans, and discover what biodiversity means. Naturalis is the place for everyone who wants to learn more about the earth and nature.

  • Travel to a different world and experience the Ice Age, early humans, or seduction.
  • Meet Trix: the real 66-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton.
  • Learn all about biodiversity and nature, meet scientists and see many objects.
Darwinweg 2
2333CR Leiden
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The earth, death, life, dino era, ice age, and seduction

In nine spaces, you will find yourself in different worlds. The earth and the creative force of our planet, the circle of life and death, seduction and procreation; each theme takes you on a trip through the rich and varied natural world. You will also learn about the emergence of man, the ice age, different landscapes, and the age of the dinosaurs. The dinosaur room boasts an impressive 66 million year old skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex, which is called ‘Trix’. You will also see a Camarasaurus, a long-neck dino measuring 17 meters long and 9 meters tall. In the LiveScience space, you wil be introduced to science at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

Practical information

Naturalis Biodiversity Center is just a five-minute walk from Leiden Central Station. A walking route is marked from the station to the entrance of the museum on Darwinweg 2. If you are coming by car or bicycle, you can go to the other museum entrance on Mendelweg 2. There is a restaurant on the ground floor of Naturalis, a coffee corner on the fifth floor, and a café with a great rooftop terrace on the ninth floor. Enjoy the fantastic view from the rooftop terrace.

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