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Pieterskerk church

If you are in Leiden, don’t forget to stroll into the Pieterskerk. It is the oldest city church in Leiden, a beautiful monument with a long history. The church was founded in 1121 as a count’s chapel and evolved into a sizeable church with an impressive interior, stained glass windows and a 16th century organ.

  • Visit the oldest city church in Leiden.
  • Among other things, you will see the grave of the painter Jan Steen.
  • Admire medieval treasures.

Jan Steen’s grave

The Pieterskerk also suffered from the Beeldenstorm, the iconoclastic movement in 1566. The Catholic church’s interior was destroyed and it was even used as a Protestant church six years later. Today it is filled with special, ancient monuments including a late Gothic pulpit and about 10 memorial stones. This is also where you will find the grave of the old master Jan Steen.

Pieterskerk tour

The Pieterskerk (Peter's Church) in Leiden is open to the public unless events are scheduled. The entry price is €3 and voluntary donations are much appreciated. The staff is happy to tell you about the history of this urban icon in Leiden. A pre-booked guided tour costs €75 (incl. taxes). The maximum number of visitors per tour is 15.

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