The Leiden bridges

With 28 kilometres worth of canals and moats, it should come as no surprise that Leiden has a number of extraordinary bridges. The most prominent bridges in Leiden are the Visbrug (fish bridge) and Koornbrug (grain bridge). You will definitely cross the Visbrug when you stay in Leiden. The Koornbrug is covered and an extraordinary sight you cannot mistake for anything else.

  • Walk over iconic bridges.
  • Marvel at beautiful and monumental bridges.
  • Leiden has 28 kilometers of canals dotted with beautiful bridges.


The Visbrug was built in the 12th century and together with the Sint Jansbrug it was vital to the town’s defence. Together, the two bridges were sometimes referred to as Grote Brug or Great Bridge. The bridge’s economic value was enormous as well, so all 24 guilds in the city were willing to pay for its maintenance. Its name, ‘fish bridge’, harks back to the time when fishermen from Katwijk and Noordwijk sold their catch of the day here.


The name of this bridge, which dates from 1642, says it all: for centuries it was the place where grain was traded. It was covered in 1834 to keep the grain dry. It is a remarkable architectural feature and a national monument around which the Saturday market is held every week.

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