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Gouvernement on the Meuse

On a little island in the Meuse, in the Randwyck district, you will find Limburg’s Gouvernement Building. The modern building is more than just the Royal Governor’s office. The design contains countless references to the local area and has space for over 1300 works of art. In the public space, you can admire temporary exhibitions.

  • The Maastricht Treaty, the basis for the euro currency, was signed here.
  • Discover the many references to the local area in a single building.
  • Free access to changing exhibitions.
Limburglaan 10
6229GA Maastricht
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History of Gouvernement on the Meuse

Early in the nineteen eighties, the new Gouvernement on the Meuse was designed for the Provincial Council, the Provincial Executive, and the Royal Governor. The building was inaugurated in 1986. Today the structure is known primarily for the Maastricht Treaty that was signed here in 1992. The treaty constitutes the basis for the euro currency. Today over 900 people work in this special building.

References to the local area

When you stand before the building, take some time to discover the special details. The 18 blocks that together form the building, contain the silhouette of Maastricht. The building consists of a concrete skeleton filled with bricks: a reference to an architectural style from the Maasland Renaissance. The bricks also represent local color: the clay comes from the Meuse river.

Guided tour of the Gouvernement Building

If your group consists of at least 15 people, you can take a guided tour of the building during office hours. Please book the tour in advance. The guide will show you more special elements in the building as well as the countless works of art. You can also visit the temporary exhibitions, of course.

If you only want to see the exhibitions, you don’t have to book ahead of time. The public space is freely accessible. The exhibitions are a great way to learn more about Limburg; all of the works tell you something about the history and landscape of the province.


If you are at the Gouvernement on the Meuse, the Bonnefantenmuseum is just a ten minute walk away. The Centre Céramique is also within walking distance (15 minutes).

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