Mount St. Pieter

Mount St. Pieter is a hill plateau with a limestone massif. After years of mining activities, this area was transformed into a nature reserve with picturesque villages, forts and castles. You can walk and cycle across the hill and take a tour in the mines to discover the turbulent history and exceptional flora and fauna.

  • Go for a walk through this beautiful natural area.
  • Go on a cycling tour of the mines.
  • The lively historic city of Maastricht is around the corner.

Walk and Cycle

The St. Pieter region has 80 kilometers of bicycle paths. Next to cycling down the beaten track, you can also arrange for a cycling tour through the mines. Or you can take one of the walking tracks varying from 3 to 13 kilometers to explore the area. Creative walkers can combine the tracks, extending them to multi-day trips. Mount St. Pieter is also popular among walkers because it is the end of the longest walking trail in the Netherlands, het Pieterpad.

Nature of Maastricht

Having a nature reserve like Mount St. Pieter just outside a historical and vibrant city is what makes Maastricht special. Rent a bike in the city center and you can explore the unique flora and fauna of the limestone massif yourself.

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