Lady in South Limburg vineyard
© Aranka Sinnema

The vineyards of Maastricht

Just outside the city of Maastricht, one finds various vineyards gracing the slopes of the Limburg hills. The vineyards of Maastricht are some of the oldest in Holland, initially planted back in Roman times. You can visit these vineyards, take a tour, and taste Pinot Noir, Riesling and Müller-Thürgau.

The Jeker Valley

Although the Jeker is a small river, it has a major influence on the Limburg landscape. This small river traverses the green valley, with its hills and picturesque villages, carving a path from the Belgian border until it meets up with the Meuse in Maastricht. Not only does the Bishop’s Mill owe its existence to the Jeker, but the vineyards in the Jeker Valley are also irrigated by this modest river.

Visit a vineyard

Maastricht is renowned for being one of the better culinary cities in Holland. The fact that it has its own vineyards that produce tasty Dutch wines certainly plays an important role in this. "So if you are in Maastricht, you should definitely consider visiting one of the vineyards. We recommend:

  • Wijngaard De Apostelhoeve: Susserweg 201, Maastricht
  • Hoeve Nekum: Nekummerweg 31, Maastricht
  • Domaine Backerbosch Cadier en Keer: Rijksweg 9-11, Cadier en Keer
  • Wijngoed Thorn: Leeuwenbekstraat 10, Ittervoort

Spending the night

You can spend the night on a real vineyard at Domein Holset. This wine domain also runs a B&B with stylish rooms and a view of the hilly landscape of Limburg.

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